Senin, 04 Juli 2011

SKETCH : ToToro ProjeCt's such a hardest week in my life for me..
many troubles was happen, first My lovely PC was error, so i'd already send it to the computer service,,n the mainboard should change...even expensive, i should buy it and change it soon..cause my jobs n everything was on my life will stuck without My Pc..huhu >_<
Then, My modem..was error too..Oh Gosh!..
thats why i couldn't update this blogg everyday >-< such a pity..hiks

Forget All The Problems, start the New Day with illustrating ~

This is My Sketch
I'd inspired it from ghibli studio "My neighborhood Totoro"
it was amazing movie, i made my own version, so i sketched it when Totoro has already save the water on this world..hope you like it =)

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  1. I always love Totoro! Dan saya suka ilustrasi Memed ini! :)