Jumat, 22 Juli 2011

Children Book Illustration : Kimi & Mimi update

Here's latest pic from my first "Boarbook "illustration, written by Watiek Ideo ..
tittled "Kimi & Mimi"..is boardbook for children 5-9 years old.It's the right thing for teach reading for the children.The story is fun, simple and full educative..

"Kimi have a lot of toys,there is doll,cooking stuffs and balls"
"Kimi also love to play the blocks" 

i made this illustration on Photoshop Cs3
,i dont used any sketch and just doing this with my lovely "Mouse" cause i dont have any pen tablet.hehe =)
give some comments please..

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  1. wiiih keren2 illustrasi kamu,lucu2 gambarnya..:D
    salam kenal sesama pecinta mouse :D