Rabu, 21 Desember 2011

Puppet Show

My illustration for my latest project, written by Selviya Hannah and it will publish at 2012 by BIP Publishing.

Made it on Photoshop Cs3..;)

Kamis, 08 Desember 2011

Ramadhan Children Book ;)

Finally, i did a great job for this book, with more 80 illustration..;)

this book written by Dian K & published by BIP will publish 2012.


i made this illustration for my next project, children book 99 friends of Mohammad, written by Ummu Thoriq..will publish by Gramedia Pustaka Utama Indonesia..

Kimi & Mimi Series

Well it's Done ! and wait for Publish..
written by Watiek Ideo , and published by Elex Media Komputindo Indonesia.
It's my first Boardbook ;)

Ten Characters of Leader Role for Children

  For now i just kinda busy with some illustration jobs, one of them that illustrated for Fable book. This Book will Published by BIP Publishing and written By Selviya Hanna. There's ten fun stories for children, with "as leader"  themed , hope it will be great book for everyone ;)

Bad Landing !

Just Wanna Have Fun ^^
i made this illustration on Photoshop Cs3

Children Book : Why Should There Be Tears In The World?

My very first book that i illustrated for miss Arleen Amidjaja...simple and fun ;)
this book was avalaible now..published by Ufuk Kecil Publishing..Grab it now in your favorite bookstore ;)

Minggu, 31 Juli 2011

Children Book Illustration : Mix media for toddler " Happy Hijaiyah"

finally, i finished it..
My first illustration that using digital imagine mixed paper texture & fabric..
"Happy Hijaiyah" was a book which including to learn Hijaiyah/Arabic languange for Toddler (3-5 years old)

I made it on Photoshop Cs 3...comment please =)

Jumat, 22 Juli 2011

Children Book Illustration : Kimi & Mimi update

Here's latest pic from my first "Boarbook "illustration, written by Watiek Ideo ..
tittled "Kimi & Mimi"..is boardbook for children 5-9 years old.It's the right thing for teach reading for the children.The story is fun, simple and full educative..

"Kimi have a lot of toys,there is doll,cooking stuffs and balls"
"Kimi also love to play the blocks" 

i made this illustration on Photoshop Cs3
,i dont used any sketch and just doing this with my lovely "Mouse" cause i dont have any pen tablet.hehe =)
give some comments please..

Selasa, 12 Juli 2011

Children Book Illustration : KImi & Mimi

i've just finished my new illustration for the next children picbook, written by Watiek Ideo..it will publish by Elex Media Komputindo...it's the first illustration..hope you like it =)

Senin, 04 Juli 2011

Chidren Book illustration : The Adventure of Bubble Boy

Today, i was finished my script and already send it again to some publisher my own children book " The Adventure Of bubble Boy"
...do you want to know about the story & the others art...dont worry it will confirm soon....=)

Daily Art : My Inspirator

If you Asking ? who's the biggest inspirator?
honestly, i will be confuse to answer that question..so many kind person who helped me, support me and inspire me..
But the One who inspired me most is my best friend..PapaNg ( you can see his art blog  at papangkingdom.blogspot.com )..=)
He was the first person who teached mY Photoshop, drawing,Colouring and give many good information and advices..=)
God bless Him..

For the Honor, i made the "Fan Art" PapaNg..the original design was made by him, and i remade it with my own style =)

Art Blog : Petsociety fan "Mouna"

Introducing My Pet "little Black Mouna" from Facebook game "Pet Society"
I made this with my own style, the original one was like this ..is it so cute right ? ;)

SKETCH : ToToro ProjeCt

Omg..it's such a hardest week in my life for me..
many troubles was happen, first My lovely PC was error, so i'd already send it to the computer service,,n the mainboard should change...even expensive, i should buy it and change it soon..cause my jobs n everything was on my Pc..my life will stuck without My Pc..huhu >_<
Then, My modem..was error too..Oh Gosh!..
thats why i couldn't update this blogg everyday >-< such a pity..hiks

Forget All The Problems, start the New Day with illustrating ~

This is My Sketch
I'd inspired it from ghibli studio "My neighborhood Totoro"
it was amazing movie, i made my own version, so i sketched it when Totoro has already save the water on this world..hope you like it =)

Senin, 27 Juni 2011

Character Design : GARONG

Garong was a brave cat, clever and loveable.Beyond as a hommie cat, Garong just like hero in his surrounding..
Now i prepare some stories for Garong's adventure.The first act will be tittle "Garong & the seven Thieves"..If You wanna see more about his act..it will be update soon..=)

Art Blog : Petsociety fan

I made this art for a request from my best friend, he was addicted so much to FB games "PET SOCIETY"..in this art, i choose Alice in Wonderland theme, His pet "the black cuttie one"called Mouna as Alice, and the Boy is My Best Friend.=)

Chidren Book illustration : Firecrakcer

This Art for one of illustration the Ramadhan's Book written by Dian Kristiani. My inspirator and famous children book writter.The tittle is Firecracker...=)

Children Book illustration : Best Present ever

Here's my daily art.
i've made this one for my next project tittle " Amazing Tales of Christmas for Children ", it will be the children book with 8 story about christmas.


Chidren Book illustration : Why Should There Be Tears in The world

Well,it's my job as illustrator children book,This book written by one of the famous Indonesian children book writer " Arleen Amidjaja".It's such an awesome book with full educate story, simple but fun.Here's my artwork for the book " Why Should There Be Tears in the World".

This book will be your must reading book for your family ^^ it will be release soon this year. 

Children Book illustration : Daily Art

Here's some of my illustration for children book. First of all, i'd this for my last project at collage, then i hopefully it will be finish soon, so i can send it to some publisher.

Tittle    : Marry's Promise (Janji Marry)
Format  : Pop Up Book 
Genre    : Children at 8-12 years old.

Minggu, 26 Juni 2011


Hallo, salam kenal semuanya.
Blog pertama ni, Blog ini ditujukan sebagai media penunjang dan promosi untuk karir saya sebagai illustrator untuk "children book" dan juga character designer untuk "Animation" dsb.

Sebelumnya, untuk lebih akrab panggil saja saya Memed, dan sekarang sedang menyelesaikan studi di Comunication Design Visual at Malang University -Indonesia.

Pada awalnya saya fokus pada graphic designer dan photography, bisa dicek beberapa desain grafis yang pernah saya buat ini.

Here's some hot stuff that i've made for my tasks.

1.old stock from my photography
2.Some Graphic Design i've made for competition :

3.Some graphic design for repositioning product & the promotion :

4.Some graphic design for poster that i've made :

yaps..that's all bout my work for graphic design..i always try something new and out of the box..Till i found my comfort zone, my word, as children book illustrator & writer.My Journey is begin and i'll through it with do my best ;)